World must reflect on Gandhi`s messages: Ban Ki Moon

UN Sec Gen Ban Ki Moon said the world must reflect on Mahatma Gandhi`s messages and work harder in understanding "among and within" religions.

Bangkok: UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon Tuesday extolled the life experiences of Mahatma Gandhi and said the world must reflect on his messages and work harder in understanding "among and within" religions and communities.

In a message read out by UN ESCAP Executive Secretary Noeleen Hezer to mark the International Day of Non-Violence, Ban called on world communities to work together to build a world of non violence and lasting peace.

The Indian embassy, on this occasion, screened a short film `A force most powerful`, which depicts Gandhi`s famous ahimsa method adopted by blacks in South Africa fighting apartheid in 1985.

Ambassadors, diplomats and UN officials attended the ceremony with Indian envoy to Thailand, Anil Wadhwa garlanding a bronze bust of Mahatma at the sprawling UN complex here.

"Today, when more than ever before, nations across the world continue to grapple with the threat of conflict, violence and terrorism - his message has become all the more important.

As long as there is temptation to resort to violence in the human mind, the Mahatma`s message of non-violence will tug at our hearts. As long as people resort to might to assert their right, there will always be a Gandhian to remind us of the power of truth, of love, of compassion, of peace," Wadhwa said.

Instead of diminishing in relevance, Mahatma Gandhi has actually become all the more pertinent in the 21st century.

Whichever the challenge we confront, you can be sure that the Gandhian way is a real, live option, an option that informs and illuminates, he told the large gathering who all agreed with the view.

The short film screened later showed Gandhiji`s methods of non-violence and peaceful non-cooperation applied by the people in South Africa to overcome the Apartheid.