Xinjiang railway station attack in China: Two out of three killed were attackers

Calling for “decisive actions” to suppress the terrorists from China`s restive Xinjiang province, President Xi Jinping on Thursday vowed to take resolute measures.

Zee Media Bureau/Supriya Jha

Beijing: Calling for “decisive actions” to suppress the terrorists from China`s restive Xinjiang province, President Xi Jinping on Thursday vowed to take resolute measures and warned that there must not be even a speck of slackness in fight against violence and terrorism.

Two months after a similar attack staged at a railway station in Yunnan, terrorists again managed to launched a terror attack at Urmuqi Railway station on Wednesday killing three people and hurting 79.

Out of three killed, two were the attackers, reported the Reuters citing China`s People`s Daily.

The report says that the two killed were mobsters who died after detonating the bombs strapped to their bodies, while he third one killed was a bystander.

According to reports, there were twin explosions near the exit of Urumqi South railway station and knife-wielding assailants, suspected to be Xinjiang terrorists, rushed to attack the people.

The attack came as the President wrapped up a four-day tour of the restive Xinjinag province where he had reportedly vowed to initiate a “strike first” strategy against terrorists.

Underscoring the increasing momentum of the terrorists, President Xi warned, "The battle to combat violence and terrorism will not allow even a moment of slackness, and decisive actions must be taken to resolutely suppress the terrorists”.

"(The authorities) must have a profound understanding that the anti-terrorist, anti-separatist struggles in Xinjiang will be long-term, complicated and intense," Xi was quoted as saying by the state news agency.

Xi added that the authorities must do everything to help those injured in the attack, resolve the case quickly and mete out harsh punishment against the assailants.

The railway station attack at Urmuqi comes just a couple of months after the separatist forces in Xinjiang, brandishing knives went on a stabbing-spree at a railway station in Kunming city of China`s Yunnan province, slashing to death at least 29 people and injuring 130.

Also, last November, Xinjiang terrorists had rammed a car laden with explosives into a crowd at the famous Tiananmen Square, killing five.

Tensions between Chinese and Uighurs have been simmering for years in Xinjiang, particularly since riots in 2009 in Urumqi left nearly 200 people dead. Beijing blames the violence on overseas-based instigators, but has offered little evidence.
Xinjiang is home to the Uighur Muslims. Xinjinag has been restive for the past few years as Uighurs have protested over growing settlements of Han Chinese in the province.   

The militants belonging to the banned East Turkistan Islamic Movement (ETIM, an al-Qaeda linked group have been staging many violent attacks through Xinjiang but very rarely they attack outside the province of Xinjiang.

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