Yingluck waiting for EC statement on final tally

Yingluck Shinawatra said her party has not yet initiated talks on new Cabinet portfolios and is awaiting the EC`s statement on the final tally.

Bangkok: Yingluck Shinawatra, who is set to
become Thailand`s first woman Prime Minister, on Tuesday said her
party has not yet initiated talks on new Cabinet portfolios
and is awaiting the Election Commission`s announcement on the
final seat tally, two days after she emerged victorious in the
hard-fought general elections.

Yingluck`s Pheu Thai (For Thais) Party, remotely overseen
by her brother and former Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra,
won Sunday`s elections defeating Premier Abhisit Vejjajiva`s
Democrat Party, five years after Thaksin was overthrown in a
military coup.

Thaksin lives in Dubai on self-imposed exile to avoid a
possible jail term in Thailand on corruption charges.

There have not been any talks yet in the Pheu Thai Party
about potential candidates for various Cabinet posts,
44-year-old Yingluck, a business executive, said before
attending a meeting of core party members.

She said all concerned still had to wait for official
election results to be announced by the Election Commission,
and each of the five political parties set to be in the
coalition also had to discuss this matter internally.

Yingluck denied that a quota had been set at the ratio of
10 MPs for a Cabinet post, Bangkok Post reported.

Members of her Cabinet must have the qualifications
needed for their responsibilities. The positions were open to
both insiders and outsiders, the paper quoted her as saying.

Yingluck said her party did not have a policy to grant
amnesty solely to her brother.

First of all, the Truth for Reconciliation Commission
chaired by Kanit na Nakorn should be allowed to carry out its
work independently toward reconciliation, she said.

The government`s first task would be to forge unity and
reconciliation, not to take revenge against anyone or right
any wrongs, Yingluck was quoting as saying.

"Yingluck`s most urgent and challenging task is to dispel
the climate of mutual suspicion among differing political
stripes," said the Nation newspaper columnist Avudh Panananda.

"How Yingluck chooses to fill defence, interior and
justice portfolios will be a litmus test of her leadership."

Thailand`s powerful military has said it will accept the
result, thus dispelling fears of coup.

Puea Thai won an estimated 264 seats in the 500-member
Parliament and could govern alone, but Yingluck has announced
forming a five-party coalition controlling 299 seats.

Meanwhile, outgoing Prime Minister Abhisit said that his
Democrat party members will decide if they want him to return
as their party leader.

The Oxford-educated suave Premier announced his
resignation as Democrat leader after his party was slammed at
the hustings by Thais, who voted in big numbers for Pheu Thai

"I`m not sorry about my decision to dissolve the House
and the Democrat`s loss in the election, because I`ve kept my
word by resigning as party leader," he told reporters here.

The Democrat Party will hold a general assembly within 89
days to elect a new leader and executive board, as the law
required, he said.


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