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YouTube video shows boys enacting suicide bombing

A disturbing video posted recently on YouTube shows a group of young boys enacting a suicide bombing where one of them pretends to blow himself up.

New York: A disturbing video posted recently
on YouTube, which has received more than 300,000 hits, shows a
group of young Afghan or Pakistani Pashtun boys enacting a
suicide bombing where one of them, whose face is covered by a
black mask, bids farewell to others and then pretends to blow
himself up.

The boys all appear to be pre-teen with some looking as
young as 5-years-old in the video, which is slightly over
one-minute long.

After hugging the smaller boys, the child role-playing
the bomber walks towards another group of boys. One of them,
dressed in white, stick out his hand to signal stop. But the
bomber walks towards them and suddenly throws up some dust,
which represents the explosion.

The boys then fall to floor pretending to be dead, and
the camera then zooms into each of their faces.

The video featuring a group of young Afghan or Pakistani
Pashtun boys is accompanied with background music which, `The
New York Times` reported, is one of the Taliban`s favourite
songs "My beloved is going to fight, so he has long hair...He
carries his machine gun on his shoulder, which looks so fine
on him... He is going to battle, going to fight."

The Taliban, however, said that they did not make the
video but they approved of its content, the paper said.

"We are saddened that children are playing this game, but
they should do it because this is a war that was imposed upon
us," Zabiullah Mujahid, the Taliban spokesman for the northern
and eastern parts of Afghanistan, was quoted as saying by the

Mujahid claimed that the minimum approved age for
fighters was 18 or 19 and boys younger than 18 have been
arrested on the battlefield.

"The positive aspect of the video is that it motivates
the children for `jihadi` ideas," said Mujahid. "The negative
point is that it affects their lives. It gives them courage
for this kind of work, but children should not do this kind
work at this age."

"But they should have an idea about `jihad` in their
mind, and they should prepare themselves for sacrifice," he
was quoted as saying.


From Zee News

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