Yugoslavia`s last PM dies aged 87

Ante Markovic became Yugoslavia`s prime minister in March 1989.

Last Updated: Nov 28, 2011, 15:44 PM IST

Zagreb (Croatia): Croatia`s state news agency says former Yugoslavia`s last Prime Minister Ante Markovic has died. He was 87.
Markovic, a Croat, became Yugoslavia`s prime minister in March 1989, two years before the former communist country started unraveling along ethnic lines.
Before he resigned in December 1991, Markovic tried to find a compromise between secessionists republics Slovenia, Croatia and Bosnia and Serbia which insisted that Yugoslavia remain a single entity. His efforts failed and the country plunged into a series of ethnic wars.

After the wars, Markovic, who was considered a pro-Western reformist, dedicated himself to a business career.

HINA news agency did not provide the cause of his death.

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