Zimbabwe`s Prez says he hasn’t collapsed, vows to live to 100

Zimbabwe`s leader, Robert Mugabe, has shrugged off rumours of ill health.

Harare: Zimbabwe`s ageing leader, Robert Mugabe, has shrugged off rumours of ill health, and boasted that he hopes to "get to 100".

Two days after he reportedly collapsed at his Harare mansion, Mugabe, 87, struck a defiant tone when he said he was a fitness fanatic who exercised daily.

"I fall sick if I don’t exercise," he said.

He said he took calcium supplements but did not use the "huge machines" his wife Grace favoured for her workouts.

In power for 31 years, Mugabe has made five trips this year to Singapore for medical attention. Each trip has cost almost USD 2 million.

"I am not old. I am 87, but my body says the counting doesn`t end at 87, at least you must get to 100," Mugabe insisted yesterday.

According to the Scotsman, the true extent of Mugabe`s health problems is a closely guarded secret, known only to a few top Zanu-PF officials.

He reportedly suffers from prostate cancer and is known to fall asleep in meetings or has to leave abruptly, raising suspicions his strength is ebbing.


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