Hrithik Roshan – Kangana Ranaut legal battle: One of Bollywood’s ugliest fights!

The legal battle between Hrithik Roshan and Kangana Ranaut was one of the biggest controversies of the year 2016.

Hrithik Roshan – Kangana Ranaut legal battle: One of Bollywood’s ugliest fights!

Mumbai: One of Bollywood’s most talented actors- Hrithik Roshan – and method actress Kangana Ranaut – got involved in a legal battle earlier this year. The two film personalities, who shared screen space in ‘Krrish 3’, created a rather unpleasant history by indulging in a war of words that shook the fraternity. However, what exactly triggered the enmity is still unclear.

However, speculations were rife that the ‘Krissh 3’ co-stars started seeing each other while shooting for the film. It was being reported that the legal tussle was a result of a love story going completely awry.

Like all speculations, this rumour too vanished into thin air until Kangana referred to her “silly-ex” in one of her interviews with

On being asked if Hrithik dropped her as the lead actress of 'Aashiqui 3', Kangana reportedly said, “Yes, many lame rumours are doing rounds, even a dumb ass can tell where these rumours are coming from. I don’t know why exes do silly things to get your attention. For me that chapter is over and I don’t dig graves.”

Interestingly, Kangana did not name Hirhtik in her response. To counter Kangana’s comments, Hrithik took to Twitter to write: “Ther r more chances of me having had an affair with d Pope dan any of d (Im sure wonderful)women d media hs ben naming.Thanks but no thanks.”

Thus began an ugly tale woven by accusations and counter-allegations.

Sometime in the month of March, Hrithik reportedly slapped a 4-page notice on the 'Queen' actress for tarnishing his image and also sent a notice to Kangana asking her to hold a press conference and tender an apology and make it clear it was not him she meant in the recent comments about a 'silly ex'.

The actress from Himachal sent him a 21-page response accusing him of intimidation and threat under Indian penal code.

"Hrithik's statements made to the media are nothing but efforts to gain public sympathy. He cannot wash his hands off the matter now after having criminally threatened my client and having intimidated her, without any provocation. He also cannot deny the fact my client never named him anywhere and it was he himself who claimed to be ‘Silly Ex’ in his notice," Kangana’s lawyer Rizwan Siddiquee said in a statement.

What emerged as one of the major bone of contention was a series of mails between Hrithik and Kangana. The ‘Tanu Weds Manu’ actress had apparently received an email from Hrithik congratulating her for her work in ‘Queen’. During a party, when Kangana thanked Hrithik for the email, the ‘Agneepath’ actor told her hadn’t sent it to her.

“He has not seen the movie yet. Our client further clarified to you that the email ID from which you received the mail was not his and he gave you his real email ID,” a statement by Hrithik’s advocate read.

“On coming to know of Hrithik’s real email ID, you (Kangana) sent a barrage of emails to him. Our client tried to ignore all the emails (total 1439) to him even though it amounted to mental harassment and stress. Besides sending emails to our client you have also been telling people in the film industry about your affair with him and then called our client a ‘silly ex’,” the notice said.

A few days later, Hrithik in a statement said that someone impersonating him was sending mails to Kangana and that the email address - -- does not belong to him.

“The crux of the matter is that the mail id does NOT belong to me. I had filed a complaint in this regard with Mumbai Cyber Crime cell on 12 December, 2014 when I learnt of this impersonator communicating with said person. I have absolutely NO CONNECTION with this ID.”

Kangana’s legal team’s response:

“My client (Kangana) states that it was Hrithik who wanted to communicate from a newly created ID because of his impending divorce. In an effort to safeguard his name, image and reputation your client (Hrithik) time and again malafidely and in mischief hacked my client’s email ID and deleted all the mails sent by him.”

In one of his notices, Hrithik’s lawyer had claimed that Kangana’s sister Rangoli had said that the ‘Queen’ actress was suffering from Asperger’s Syndrome. Kangana later refuted the claim and said that she was not suffering from any such mental disorder.

To make things worse, Kangana’s former boyfriend Adhyayan Suman made shocking revelations about her and extended support to Hrithik by accusing her of black magic.

Both parties said that their side of the story is true as the legal battle continued.

After days of silence, it seemed that Hrithik and Kangana had decided to end the legal tussle. But the ‘Mohenjo Daro’ star’s advocate said, “Media reports which suggest that the investigation into the Hrithik-Kangana emails is closed are totally false. A section of the media in connivance with Ms. Ranaut's lawyer has sought to disseminate this false information," Hrithik's lawyers said in a statement.

"The investigation, in fact, continues and Mr. Saxena (Joint Commissioner of Police, Crime) has informed Mr. Mahesh Jethmalani, Senior Counsel advising Mr. Roshan, that 'the case is not yet closed. Investigation is still going on'," the statement added.

Since November, there has been no news about any development in this case but we hope the ugly battle ends soon.

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