Centre tells states to take action against illegal arms manufacture

New Delhi: The Centre has directed states to take action against manufacture of illegal arms and ammunition some of which are reaching militants and Naxalites, Home Minister P Chidambaram said on Wednesday.

Replying to questions in Rajya Sabha, he said arms and ammunition were manufactured illegally in some states and the Centre has asked them to take action.

"We have asked state governments to take strict action against illegal arms and ammunition (manufactured and sold in their states)," he said.

"In our assessment, there are factories where arms and ammunition are manufactured illegally," he said adding the states have, however, not officially communicated the action they have taken.

The Centre, he said, shares information with the states and asks them to take action.

Some illegal arms and ammunition were being sold to Naxalites and militants, he said and pointed out that Naxalites also loot weapons from magazines.

"Militants have access to illegal arms and loot armouries," he said. "It is a grave problem (and) we will address it seriously."

In the Northeast, arms are smuggled from across the border, he said.

Bureau Report