Pak documentary to show country's real picture

Islamabad: A new documentary on Pakistan that attempts to break the "oft-negative depictions" of the "most dangerous country in the world" is set to be premiered in Karachi on July 31.

The documentary -- 'Made in Pakistan' -- re-examines the country through the eyes of four young, middle-class Pakistanis during the emergency imposed by former President Pervez Musharraf in 2007.

The film by Nasir Khan follows the lives of Waleed Khalid, a lawyer, Rabia Aamir, a journalist and working mother, Mohsin Waraich, an aspiring politician, and Tara Mehmood, an event and public relations manager.

It will also be the first Pakistani documentary ever to get a theatrical release.

"Whenever I saw any coverage of Pakistan on foreign news channels, it felt like an extremely myopic and stereotypical representation of our people," Khan said.

"The Pakistan they repeatedly covered was only showing a part of the story. Pakistan and Pakistanis were often labeled as dangerous pariahs who should be secluded from the world stage as we know it," Khan told Chup, an e-zine.

"As Pakistani filmmakers, we felt that their conclusions were amateur and racist. We felt we could easily negate them even if we showed a glimpse of Pakistan through the eyes of Pakistanis. Thus began the journey for making 'Made in Pakistan'."

Bureau Report