Think out of the box to find solution, Cong tells pvt airlines

New Delhi: Congress on Friday advised the private airlines to think out of the box and find solution to their economic problem without retrenching their staff.

"They should think out of the box and find solution without retrenchment," party spokesman Manish Tewari said.

Asked about the position of the party on the issue and whether any bailout package was needed for the airline, Tewari said, "It is an issue which lies in the domain of the government".

He, however, added that the airlines was not the only sector which has been affected by the global economic meltdown.

“They (airlines) should find a solution...After all, other airlines in the world are also running their operations," Tewari said.

Eight major private domestic airlines, which together carry over one lakh passengers a day, have decided not to operate their flights on August 18 demanding immediate bailout and threatened to suspend their services indefinitely if the government does not intervene urgently.

Bureau Report