Japanese court recognises 10 suffering from A-bombings diseases

Japanese court recognises 10 suffering from A-bombings diseases Kumamoto: The local court here today said that 10 of 13 plaintiffs were suffering from radiation-related diseases, an after effect of 1945 atomic bombings in the cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki by US during World War II.

The Japanese government last year had announced special monthly medical allowance of 137,000 yen for people who were suffering from radiation-related diseases due to the 1945 bombings.

Since then a large number of citizens have sought the medical allowance claiming to be patients of radiation-related diseases however, in a lot of cases the government dismissed the claims unauthentic.

What followed series of class-action suits filed across the country with the latest case being the 19th defeat for the Japan's government.

Out of the 13 plaintiffs 3 had already earlier been certified as patients of radiation-related diseases with the latest ruling ten more have been recognised for the same.

Four of the 13 plaintiffs have died and the remaining nine are aged between 71 and 89. They developed cancer and other diseases after being exposed to radiation.

The medical panel screening atomic-bomb disease patients have decided to add liver dysfunction and hypothyroidism to the list of radiation-related diseases.

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