Tata Group working on an Innovation Forum

Tata Group working on an Innovation Forum Chennai: Tata Group Innovation Forum (TGIF),a group formed within Tata Group of companies, on Monday said that its members, who are the senior members of few group companies, meets regularly to review progress on creating an innovation environment for Tata companies, which would enhance their innovativeness.

Interacting with reporters today on the topic -'Innovation and innovativeness - The Tata Experience', TGIF chief R Gopalakrishnan said TGIF's efforts were to work on four broad areas such as learning and dissemination innovation, encouraging innovations and measuring innovation,besides collaborative innovation.

He said several workshops were conducted to introduce new concepts on innovation. Tata Management Training Centre (TMTC) has been pursuing the goal of creating a platform that could stimulate innovation in Tata Group through research and training.

"TGIF wanted to have a 'simple and easy to use tool' to measure the innovativeness of a team, which could be a company, a business unit or a department of an organisation", he said.

On collaborative innovation, Gopalakrishnan said it was also decided that opportunities for technological innovations should be explored by initiating few cluster specific discussions among the relevant Tata companies.

Bureau Report