Australian transsexual pair win legal recognition as men

Australian transsexual pair win legal recognition as men Melbourne: Two Australian transsexuals have won legal recognition as men despite the duo still having female reproductive organs.

The pair was previously denied legal recognition of their sex change by West Australian state government, as the government argued that until they had hysterectomies done they could not be considered men under the Gender Reassignment Act.

They then appealed against the ruling. The State Administrative Tribunal upheld the appeal after it found the legislation did not specify reproductive surgery as a requirement so the pair could be legally considered men even with female reproductive organs.

Reacting to the decision, one of them , whose identity is legally suppressed, said "The decision will open up lots of opportunities for me and other people who till now never tried to get their sex legally changed because they didn't think they'd be able to," the ABC reported.

"Now it means that rather than having an arbitrary set of surgeries that people have to have, each case can be taken on its merits," he added.

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