Dal Khalsa urges Akalis to end alliance with BJP

Jalandhar: Urging the Akali leaders to snap their ties with the BJP, the Dal Khalsa today said that the saffron party has embarked on the course of self-destruction and it would become a marginal party sooner.

In a statement issued here, party spokesperson Kanwarpal Singh stated that the BJP has lost its relevance, ideological moorings and credibility.

He said that the sooner Akalis would jump out of the BJP's sinking ship the better it would be for Punjab.

Taking a swipe at BJP's disarray, he said that the internal squabble within the party has opened up the space for the regional parties to play wider role.

"It's our earnest appeal to Akalis to read the writing on wall and end their alliance with the Hindutva party," said Kanwarpal.

Bureau Report