Liquidity adequate in the system: RBI Dy Governor

Liquidity adequate in the system: RBI Dy Governor Mumbai: Reserve Bank Deputy Governor KC Chakrabarty on Monday allayed fears of excess liquidity in the banking system saying it was just 'adequate'.

"In our view, it is adequate liquidity (in the financial system)," Chakrabarty said, when asked if there was excess liquidity as feared in certain quarters.

The apex bank will take necessary measures if it finds that the liquidity is excess in the system, Chakrabarty said while talking to reporters on the sidelines of a conference.

On the government borrowing, Chakrabarty said that borrowings did not pose any major concern.

Earlier, speaking at the conference, Chakrabarty said that there is a need for massive investments in the country's education sector.

He also called for more efforts from banks to promote financial inclusion, to take banking benefits to nearly 50 percent unbanked population of the country.

Bureau Report