Baby chimpanzees smile more, behave better than human kids

Baby chimpanzees smile more, behave better than human kids London: Baby chimps are better behaved than their human counterparts, they are quickly calmed by a cuddle and smile much more, a new research shows.

"If you pick up a baby chimp when it is fussing (crying), it calms down and stays calm. Anybody who has had a fussing child knows it is well within the range of the human norm that you pick them up and they are still fussing," Researcher Professor Kim Bard told the British Science Festival.

"Chimps don't get colic, they don't have inconsolable crying for no reason. You usually pick them up and give them a cuddle and they don't make a fuss and don't cry any more.

They seem to have better control of their behavioural traits when they're young," the Daily Mail reported.

In contrast, human babies once they start crying it is very difficult to calm them.

It is probably the chimp's more primitive brain which matures more quickly, making them better-behaved 'children'.

Bard has already shown chimpanzee babies have 16 different smiles - in contrast to human babies who can only manage 13.

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