Uruguay to agree Latin America's first gay adoptions law

Uruguay to agree Latin America`s first gay adoptions law Montevideo: A trailblazing law allowing gay and lesbian couples to adopt children was due to pass its final hurdle in Uruguay on Wednesday with a Senate vote, in what will be a first in Latin America.

"It's the penultimate issue on the agenda" for today's Senate session, Senator Margarita Percovich said to a news agency.

The Senate already approved a draft bill on its first reading in July, but it now faces a second vote due to slight changes to the text introduced when the lower house voted approved the legislation last month.

Gay adoptions remain contentious worldwide, and Uruguay, a nation of some 3.5 million people, will take another step away from its more conservative neighbors after having already authorized gay civil unions last year.

But the ruling leftist Frente Amplio coalition has a majority in parliament and had been expected to push the measure through.

Tabare Vazquez, the first leftist president in Uruguayan history, already opened access for homosexuals to military schools in May.

The move has faced huge opposition, though, from the country's religious leaders and some right-wing politicians.

The Catholic Church is against the bill because "from Genesis in the Bible, it says that 'God created man and woman,'" Bishop Paul Galimbertti said to a news agency.

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