Balance between nature and technology must: Joshi

New Delhi: Senior BJP leader Murli Manohar Joshi on Wednesday emphasised on the need for maintaining balance between ecology and technological development.

"You can feed from your mother (nature) but you cannot bleed her....Mahatma Gandhi said there is enough in nature for everybody's need but not enough for everybody's greed....So the social cost of the economy should also be added and paid for," he said.

Joshi was speaking at a seminar on environment protection organised by the BJP youth wing.

He said a critical balance between ecology and technological advancement is required "if we wish the future generations to lead a healthy life away from diseases".

"We interact with nature and the way we treat it, it will treat us... Will the young live with the tragedy of swine flu, cancers and diabetes and stress?"

The veteran leader said the industries which were polluting the rivers and the environment should be asked to pay for it.

"When we cannot change ourselves and have become slaves to modern technology like air conditioners, how can we expect the developed nations to leave their level of consumption?" he asked.

Joshi said the capitalist thinking of "torturing" nature to harness it should give way to a holistic approach.

Bureau Report