Govt mulls modern education system in Pak madrassas

Islamabad: The government plans to introduce modern education system in Pakistan’s madrassas and degrees awarded by the seminaries will be recognised by all educational institutions, the Interior Minister has said.

Rehman Malik said a modern education system will be introduced in Pakistan’s madrassas. The government and madrassas belonging to five schools of Islamic thought have agreed to modernise the seminary education system and restore its dignity.

The decision was made during a meeting yesterday between Malik and representatives of several religious groups. He told reporters that the meeting agreed that the educational boards of all five schools of thought will be registered to give recognition to degrees awarded by the madrassas.

An inter-madrassa board, superior to the educational boards, will be set up to attest the degrees and to review the educational system of the seminaries, the Minister said.

Under the agreement, all the madrassas will be registered by the inter-madrassa board. Madrassas that are not registered will not to be allowed to function, Malik said.

The madrassas will function like private educational institutions and this will restore their dignity and give respect to their students, he said.

Malik said he will take all political parties, the Chief Ministers of the four provinces and other stakeholders into confidence on the madrassa reforms.

A total of 15,000 madrassas had registered themselves with the government while 5,000 others will soon be registered, he added. The groups that participated in yesterday’s meeting were the Tanzim-ul-Madaris Ehle Sunnat, Wafaq-ul-Madaris Arabia, Wafaq-ul-Madaris Al-Salfia, Wafaq-ul-Madaris Shia and Rabita Al-Madaris.

Bureau Report