Crack team of NSG commandos to take position at IGIA

Manesar (Gurgaon): A crack team of NSG commandos equipped to undertake heli-borne operations is all set to take position at the Indira Gandhi International Airport to thwart hijacks or terror attacks.

The commandos, who are already deployed as a part of the 'Quick Reaction Team' at a new base near the airport will be made fully operational by this year end, official sources said.

A small unit of the National Security Guard (NSG) commandos have been stationed here after the elite force got new land for quick operations at the sensitive location, in the aftermath of last year's Mumbai attacks.

The commandos will only have to open a door and enter the tarmac of the airport to deal with any hijack or a terror act, the sources said. The logistics and infrastructure is getting on place and the squad would be made fully operational by this year, they said.

A helipad will also be ready for the commandos to be airlifted within the same timeframe.

The special anti-hijack commando unit is armed with the latest weaponry of guns like MP5's, glock pistols and devices for aircraft intervention.

The force's anti-hijack unit would maintain an optimal strength of 50-60 commandos for "swift and quick operations" both for anti-hijack and anti-terror duties, they said.

Additional reinforcements from the force's garrison in Manesar would reach in the event of a larger operation, they said.

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