'Serial killers confess to have killed sex worker in Mumbai'

Panaji: The accused serial killers, arrested by Goa police, have allegedly confessed to killing a commercial sex worker of Meera Road area in Mumbai, police said on Friday.

Chandrakant Talwar and Syron Rodrigues, the two accused arrested in the serial killings, have alleged confessed before the state police that they had strangulated one Priti, working as a commercial sex worker and threw her body into bushes in Manikpur police station in Thane district.

With the confession, the number of murders committed by the gang goes up to six, all women, police said.

Deputy Inspector General Ravindra Yadav told reporters that although the accused have confessed to killing the woman, the facts will be verified with the respective police station. The girl was killed sometime around last week of September and first week of October, Yadav said.

Talwar and Rodrigues along with their two accomplices Grishma Talwar and a 16-year-old girl were arrested by Goa police for the series of murder cases.

The gang has confessed to killing four women in Goa whose bodies were found between October 12 and October 13 and also a woman at Virar in Mumbai whose highly decomposed body was recovered from the roadside bushes.

Yadav said that the duo has stated that Priti, who met them at Nallasopara was knowing Talwar and was given a lift in the car to Mumbai.

While Rodrigues was driving, Talwar, who was sitting at the back seat, reportedly strangulated Priti to death with a thin wire and later flung the body into the bushes.

The accused, during the interrogation, has stated that they were on their way back to Mumbai from Goa. He said Priti owed Talwar Rs 2,000 which she was supposed to pay.

The DIG said the mobile phone belonging to Priti was recovered from Talwar's possession when he was arrested for serial murder cases.

Talwar, Rodrigues and Grishma were arrested in Mumbai this week and the 16-year-old girl was arrested from St Cruz, a suburb of Panaji.

Bureau Report