Educational institutions in Pak reopen

Islamabad: Educational institutions in many parts of Pakistan reopened today after remaining closed for almost a week in the wake of a deadly suicide attack on a prestigious university though attendance in most schools was reported to be low.

Authorities had closed schools and colleges across Pakistan after two suicide bombers struck the International Islamic University in Islamabad on October 20, killing eight persons, including four female students.

Educational institutions were directed to beef up their security before reopening.

Most schools and colleges in the federal capital and Punjab and Sindh provinces reopened today but reports said attendance was as low as 50 per cent in many cities as parents were apprehensive about sending their children for classes due to fears of more attacks.

In Lahore, Karachi and Islamabad, some private schools chose to remain closed for a few more days so that they could put in place better security measures.

Some schools in Lahore also remained closed as authorities said they had failed to comply with security guidelines framed by the government.

In Balochistan province, educational institutions will remain closed for three more days to mourn the assassination of Education Minister Shafiq Ahmed Khan, who was shot dead by members of a nationalist group yesterday.

Bureau Report