TRS chief threatens fast-unto-death over Telangana issue

Hyderabad: Telangana Rashtra Samithi (TRS) president K Chandrasekhar Rao today threatened to launch a fast-unto-death if separate Telangana statehood demand is not conceded by next month.

"I am demanding, declare Telangana in November. Otherwise, I am going to sit on a fast-unto-death. This is a warning. The consequences will have to be borne by the government of India and government of Andhra Pradesh," he told reporters here.

Rao was speaking after being detained during a 'jail bharo' agitation organised by TRS demanding that the government make a constitutional amendment to protect the interests of Telangana in the wake of Supreme Court verdict declaring Hyderabad as a 'free zone' for police recruitment.

The police department has been divided into various zones for the purpose of recruitment. 'Free zone' means people from all parts of the state can be recruited in Hyderabad. The TRS contends that declaring Hyderabad as a 'free zone' would adversely affect job opportunities of Telangana youth.

The TRS chief said his sub-regional party, spearheading a movement for a separate state with Hyderabad as its capital, would step up the stir if constitutional amendment is not made to protect the interests of Telangana in wake of the apex court verdict.

Earlier, the TRS held a protest at Indira Park in the heart of the city as part of 'jail bharo' stir.

Bureau Report