Indian affluent women most selective in lifestyle

Indian affluent women most selective in lifestyle Mumbai: Indian affluent women are most optimistic and very selective in maintaining their lifestyle, a report by global consultancy firm, The Nielsen, said.

According to the survey, 90 per cent affluent women prefer watching regional television channels and only 8 per cent English. However, while 90 per cent read regional dailies, English dailies were read by 69 per cent.

The survey said 70 per cent women are graduates but only 13 per cent were doing a full-time job. Besides, 54 per cent affluent women visit beauty parlors or spas.

A survey estimates that there are 2.5-million affluent households across 35 cities in India.

The survey says 98 per cent affluent women watched television, 92 per cent read the print media, 52 per cent listened to the radio while only 34 per cent watched cinema.

The TV universe witnessed a growth of 10 per cent with 63 per cent growth in digital ownership and 12 per cent growth in cable penetration.

The total number of active channels witnessed an increase from 389 to 417 channels and Hindi-speaking markets have seen a 4 per cent growth in prime-time viewership, the survey said.

Markets like Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu have seen more fragmentation in TV viewing while Maharashtra saw a more focused consumption, they survey said.

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