Many peacekeepers disciplined in home countries: UN

Many peacekeepers disciplined in home countries: UN United Nations: Dozens of former UN peacekeepers, implicated for indulging in sexual abuse and exploitation in countries of their deployment, have been disciplined in their home nations, a UN official has said.

The troop contributing countries have this year punished 33 guilty military personnel with various penalties including dismissal, forced retirement and imprisonment, Michele Montas, spokesperson of the Secretary-General told journalists here.

Montas also noted that in the last three years disciplinary action had been taken against 20 military personnel for other forms of misconduct such as fraud, theft, negligent loss of firearms and traffic violations.

These personnel belong to peacekeeping operations from Democratic Republic of Congo, Liberia, Sudan, Cote d'Ivoire, and Haiti.

"When allegations of misconduct are substantiated against any military or police serving in UN peacekeeping, the UN repatriates the individuals concerned and then bans them from participating in future peacekeeping operations," said Montas.

"The UN cannot try these people and they have to be tried by national courts.. What we can do is push, keep requesting that action be taken once they are repatriated," she added.

She said this year the UN has sent 112 requests for action and received 14 responses as of November 3.

"The UN is trying to get troop contributors to do more in prosecuting and punishing their nationals who engage in misconduct," she said, noting that there has been an increase in number of requests as well as responses.

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