Australia court takes up Indian doctor assault case

Melbourne: A local court on Monday heard how Indian origin doctor Mukesh Haikerwal's was brutally bashed with up a baseball bat by a group of youngsters.

Former Australian Medical Association head Haikerwal was struck on the head four or five times with a bat by 20-year-old Alfer Azzopardi in a park at Williamstown in last September, Victorian County Court heard.

Another attacker a 16-year-old boy also attacked the doctor with the bat, AAP reported today.

After one of the blows the doctor's skull was heard to crack and he was also kicked, the court heard.

Azzopardi along with 20 year-old Michael Baltatzis and Sean Gabriel have pleaded guilty to charges.

They were facing pre-sentence hearings today.

In the attack Haikerwal was induced 24 hours coma and required emergency surgery.

He remained in hospital for two months and was rehabilitated after his surgery.

Haikerwal was one of six victims targeted by the group on the night.

The assault came towards the end of a two-month spree of armed robberies by Azzopardi and Baltatzis.

One of their victims was told "If you scream or cry, I will kill you," the hearing was told.

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