Pachauri, Amartya named among top thinkers

Pachauri, Amartya named among top thinkers Washington: Noble laureates Rajendra Kumar Pachauri and Amartya Sen, noted columnist C Raja Mohan and environmentalist Sunita Narain are four Indians to figure in the list of top 100 global thinkers for the year 2009, the prestigious US Foreign Policy magazine said today.

Topping the list released by the influential international affairs journal is US Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke for staving off a 'new Great Depression', followed by US President Barack Obama for reimagining America’s role in the world.

Pachauri, who chairs the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, is ranked fifth for ending the debate whether climate change matters. He was co-recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize with former US vice president Al Gore in 2007.

"As the link between human activity and climate change becomes conventional wisdom and governments work urgently to establish a global climate treaty, Pachauri deserves no small amount of credit for creating such an extraordinary shift in public opinion," the Foreign Policy said.

Sen, the Noble Prize winner in economics in 1998, is ranked 58 for showing how democracy prevents famine.

"Central to his thinking is the concept of "capabilities" -- the idea that it is not just the distribution of resources in a society that matters, but the ability of its members to make informed choices about the use of those resources and to punish leaders who fail them," it said.