West should break Doha deadlock: India

West should break Doha deadlock: India Geneva: India has asked the developed world to modify their stand on market access to the developing countries to make progress on the Doha Round.

"Progress (on Doha talks) could be achieved rapidly by placing development firmly back on the agenda, tempering the demands for additional market access into the developing countries by the development mandate, rather than the mercantilist expectations of the rich developed countries," Commerce and Industry Minister Anand Sharma said here last night.

Addressing WTO Ministerial here, Sharma cautioned that in the process of bridging gaps, the broad understandings of the past eight years should not be reversed. He, however, said the major focus of the engagement on the Doha talks for the last three months had been on just peripheral issues at the cost of main areas of negotiations.

Trade ministers of almost all the 153 WTO member-states are meeting here for three days, which started yesterday, to discuss reforms of the WTO functioning and review the global economy recovering from slow-down.

The Doha Round is likely to dominate the 7th WTO ministerial opening here today, though hardcore negotiations for a deal are not on the agenda.

The Doha Round of WTO talks was earlier stalled after difference over subsidies given by developed world to their farmers and their insistence on opening the global farm trade.