'80% Pakistanis fear leaving home due to security threats'

Islamabad: 80% of Pakistanis fear stepping out of their homes to visit public places like markets and hotels, according to findings of a poll released today.

Asked to what extent the increasing security threat had affected their visits to places such as markets and hotels, 36 per cent said recent incidents of terrorism had affected them "a lot" while 44 per cent said they had been affected "somewhat."

Nineteen per cent said the terrorist incidents had not affected their visits to markets, hotels or other places while remaining one per cent gave no response.

The survey was carried out by Gallup Pakistan for Gilani Research Foundation.

While the daily hustle and bustle in Pakistani neighbourhoods continues as usual, there is a widespread feeling of insecurity at a perceptual level, the survey said.

The findings of the survey revealed no significant difference in opinion of people from across various demographics except that incidents of terrorism seemed to have affected movements of rural dwellers the most.

Eighty-three per cent of people in rural areas said they had been affected to a great extent or somewhat by incidents of terrorism, compared to 75 per cent of urbanites.

The survey covered nearly 3,000 men and women in rural and urban areas of all four provinces of Pakistan during November.