Musharraf 'bullied' into supporting US war on terror: ex-General

Islamabad: Pervez Musharraf was "bullied" into supporting the US in its 'war on terror', claimed Pakistan's former Chief of General Staff Shahid Aziz, who also accused the ex-President of deceiving other army officers and corps commanders in the decision leading up to the anti-Taliban campaign.

Aziz said the decision to support America was taken unilaterally before a crucial corps commanders meeting took place.

The former Pakistan's Chief of General staff underlined that Musharraf was "bullied" into supporting the US in the war on terror. The corps commanders were reluctant to support the US, he told Dawn news in an interview.

Aziz said that the corps commanders wanted to remain neutral in the war against the Taliban instead of actively supporting it.

Aziz also said that Pakistan's army intelligence had informed them about Indian lobbying, calling for attacks on both Pakistan and Afghanistan.

Musharraf quit as President in August last year to avoid being impeached. Over the past few months, a slew of cases and police complaints have been registered against Musharraf across Pakistan after the Supreme Court declared in July that the emergency imposed by him was illegal and unconstitutional.

Musharraf, who has been living outside Pakistan since mid-April, has ignored several summons issued by different courts, including the Supreme Court.