Koda was a 'mask' for UPA allies: Nitish Kumar

Garwah: Former Jharkhand Chief Minister Madhu Koda was just a 'mask' of the UPA allies, which 'tasted honey' for 23 months, Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar said.

"The Congress, the RJD and the JMM had used Koda as a mask, to loot the state during the 23 months of governance by the Independent MLA. They tasted madhu (honey) and left Koda to face koda (whip)," charged Kumar during an election meeting here in support of NDA candidates.

"Don't vote for Independent MLAs, vote for NDA which can shape Jharkhand on the model of Bihar," he urged voters.

"When Jharkhand was created, the people were enthusiastic, but the people of Bihar were depressed. But now it is just reverse. The people of Bihar are witnessing the state's prosperity while Jharkhand's dreams have been shattered," he claimed.

Kumar accused the Congress-led UPA of being responsible for Jharkhand's perilous situation.