WB Govt for firm proposal from railways for Singur land

Kolkata: The West Bengal government on Tuesday said it would work for getting back the land of the Tata's abandoned Nano project at Singur if the railways gave a 'concrete' proposal for a coach-building factory there.

"The process of negotiation with railways is on and we hope in the process a concrete proposal will emerge," Chief Secretary Ashok Mohan Chakrabarti said here today on the sidelines of the 23rd BNCCI organised Industrial Trade Fair.

He said that negotiations for getting the land back from the Tatas prior to a concrete proposal would raise a question about alternate use of the land.

On the railway rejecting a proposal from the West Bengal government to inspect the site, Chakrabarti said that the government would reply to the letter of the railways.

The letter from the Railways reportedly said that the state government should first secure the release of the land from the Tatas before asking for an inspection.

Asked about the return of 400 acre to farmers who unwillingly parted with their land for the Nano project and a long-standing demand of the Trinamool Congress, he said "We will abide by the Supreme Court direction."