Iran missile test undermines claim of peaceful intent: US

Iran missile test undermines claim of peaceful intent: US Washington: Iran's medium-range missile test undermines the Islamic republic's claim of peaceful intentions and increases world resolve against Tehran's nuclear aims, the White House said on Wednesday.

"At a time when the international community has offered Iran opportunities to begin to build trust and confidence, Iran's missile tests only undermine Iran's claims of peaceful intentions," said National Security Council spokesman Mike Hammer.

"Such actions will increase the seriousness and resolve of the international community to hold Iran accountable for its continued defiance of its international obligations on its nuclear program."

Iran today test-fired what it said was a faster version of its Sejil medium-range missile with a range that would allow it to reach targets inside Israel, drawing sharp international censure.

The defiant test of the Sejil 2 missile comes as world powers mull fresh sanctions against the Islamic republic for its controversial nuclear enrichment program.

Iranian state television said the missile "hit the defined target," but gave no further details.

The two-stage Sejil, powered by solid fuel, is capable according to Iran of traveling 2,000 kilometers (1,240 miles), which would put arch-foe Israel, most Arab states and parts of Europe, including much of Turkey, within range.