'Missile test undermines Iran's claims of peaceful intentions'

`Missile test undermines Iran`s claims of peaceful intentions` Washington: The reported missile test by Iran undermines the country's claims of peaceful intentions of its nuclear programme, the United States said today warning that time is running out for them.

"There is no doubt that given this environment, missile tests do nothing but undermine Iranian claims. They're not productive," White House spokesman Robert Gibbs said at his daily news conference.

"Iranians still have the opportunity to live up to their responsibilities. If they don't, then time will run out, and we will move to the next step," Gibbs said.

Meanwhile, State Department spokesman Ian Kelly said at a time when the international community has offered Iran opportunities to begin to build trust and confidence, these kinds of tests can only undermine Iran's claims of peaceful intentions.

"I think that these kinds of actions will only increase the seriousness and resolve of the international community in our efforts to hold Iran accountable for its continued defiance of international obligations on its nuclear programme," Kelly said at the daily State Department news conference.