Delhi and West Bengal havens for illegal Bangladeshi migrants

New Delhi: Better job opportunities, easy access and dense population are some of the reasons why Bangladeshi migrants choose to take shelter in West Bengal and Delhi.

According to a latest Home Ministry data, a total of 3,815 Bangladeshis in Delhi and 5,725 in West Bengal were deported during 2008. Police had identified 1,600 illegal migrants in Maharashtra, 560 in Tripura and 291 in Rajasthan during the period.

Official sources said the national capital and some cities, including Kolkata, in West Bengal act as a haven for illegal Bangladeshi nationals.

According to Delhi Police, thousands of illegal Bangladeshi migrants have taken shelter in the city. At least five of them are detained everyday from different parts of the city.

"We cannot deny the problem of illegal Bangladeshi migrants in Delhi. Most of them are involved in crimes. Police frequently launch special drives for their deportation," a senior police officer said.

Around 945 Bangladeshis have already been deported from Delhi between January and July this year, while nearly 18,742 migrants have been deported since 2005, police said.

According to the Home Ministry, a total of 12,625 Bangladeshis have been deported from various states and Union Territories during 2008.