KCR ready to hold talks on Telangana but says no to committees

Hyderabad: TRS chief K Chandrashekhar Rao Tuesday night said he is ready to hold talks with the Centre but will not accept any committee to go into the Telangana issue.

Amid reports that the Centre is contemplating appointing a committee to go into the Telangana issue, he said he is not ready to accept any such panel as it would only end up wasting time.

"The Centre should immediately come forward and find a solution. We demand that it stick to its earlier statement. We are not ready to accept any committees. Except wasting time, these committees serve no purpose," he told reporters.

Rao, however, said he is ready to hold talks with the Centre if it is ready to do so.

"The patience of Telanagana people need not be tested unnecessarily. If Delhi wants to discuss with anyone that is okay. Both regions are ready to come. We have that much patience. We have experts and people with wisdom. We will discuss in Joint Action Committee (JAC) and send our representatives," Rao said.

The TRS president was talking to reporters at the Raj Bhawan after calling on new state Governor ESL Narasimhan.

Rao demanded that the state government should immediately withdraw the alleged false cases slapped on students and others agitating for a separate Telangana state.

"The state government should honour the announcement made by Home Minister P Chidambaram to withdraw the cases filed against students. How long does it take to withdraw the cases? The government can withdraw the cases at one go if they are willing to do so," he said.