Airport security being beefed up

New Delhi: Days after an attempted attack on board a Detroit-bound American plane, security at Indian airports is being beefed up with the Bureau of Civil Aviation Security (BCAS) deciding to have a re-look at the present systems and regulations.

In view of the failed attempt to blow up the Northwest Airlines plane, "we are having a re-look at the entire gamut of security systems which are already in place," official sources said.

While the entire security apparatus at airports and all related installations is already on high alert, "we have asked them to be more vigilant and extra careful," they said.

"In case we find any changes or improvements are required, these will be made and implemented immediately," they said.

International airports from South Korea to Paris have ramped up security leading to long queues and inconvenience to passengers, mostly holiday travellers.

Airlines managed to keep the disruptions and delays to a minimum though, by giving many travellers advance warning of the new security measures.

Carriers in the US and Europe were asking passengers to carry only one hand baggage and arrive at airports early for additional security checks.

New regulations like disallowing passengers to get up from their seats an hour before landing are also being implemented by some airlines.