Man behind Newark airport security breach arrested

Man behind Newark airport security breach arrested New York: A Chinese student's resolve to sneak past a check-post and give his girlfriend a goodbye kiss led to last week's closure of the Newark airport for hours, stranding thousands of passengers at the end of a holiday weekend.

Airport authorities said they identified Haisong Jiang as responsible for the security breach incident by going through surveillance tapes and photos of license plates of vehicles in the airport parking lot.

A security video showed a man wearing a light-coloured jacket, slipping under the rope, walking the wrong side, and kissing a woman before walking away with her towards the boarding area.

The couple can be seen leaving arm-in-arm following which about 100 flights were cancelled.

New Jersey police have temporarily taken Jiang into custody. The 28-year-old post doctoral fellow in bioscience at Rutgers University was tracked down by cops to his house and would be charged with defiant trespass.

His girlfriend, Ning Huang, is a 33-year-old former Rutgers graduate student who now lives in Los Angeles.

"This is a case far more important than is obvious. Authorities picked up a person with a pedigree and an education who did something very stupid. What he did was a terrible injustice to thousands of people," said Senator Frank Lautenberg of New Jersey.

He said stronger charges may follow as it caused a great deal of inconvenience for over a thousand passengers due to delayed flights and a great deal of lost money.

Last Sunday, thousands of passengers were stranded as chaos ensued after a man walked to a secure area without being screened.

Following the incident the terminal was cleared of passengers and a second round of screening was done.

Jiang was able to duck security because security official Ruben Hernandez left his post, according to the Transport Security Administration officials who said he faces disciplinary action.