Fog returns to disrupt flights, trains in Delhi

New Delhi: Air operations at the IGI airport were disrupted on Tuesday due to dense fog, affecting the schedules of over 35 domestic and international flights.

"After a clear day yesterday, IGI airport was blanketed with dense fog leading to cancellations of 11 flights. Twenty-four inbound and outbound flights were rescheduled and two were diverted as the runway visibility dropped to 150 metres late last night," an airport official said.

Fog started to descend on the airport around 10.30 pm and the runway visibility started to deteriorate forcing the airport authorities to implement low visibility procedures and flights were operating with the help of instrument landing system.

The runway visibility further dropped to less than 150 metres around midnight, disrupting the schedules of international flights.

Flights from Dubai, Kuwait, Abu Dhabi, Singapore and Beijing were delayed by upto three to four hours.Due to this, outbound flights to these destinations had to be rescheduled, sources said.

Though visibility improved in the wee hours and the runway visibility increased to 1500 metres for the main runway and hovered around 500 metres for the new runway, it once again dipped to a low of 950 metres and 350 metres in the morning.

Eight domestic flights to Srinagar, Amritsar, Imphal, Patna and Allahabad were either delayed or rescheduled due to poor weather conditions in those cities.

Some flight, which were scheduled to arrive late at night, were also rescheduled due to poor visibility at the Delhi airport, sources said.

Trains services disrupted

Dense fog in parts of North India again disrupted rail services today with 14 trains being cancelled and several of them rescheduled.

"The large number of cancellations this morning was done due to the foggy weather conditions in some places in North India and the cascading effect of last Saturday's train accident near Tundla," a Northern Railway spokesperson said.

The cancelled trains include the Taj Express, the Shan-e-Punjab Express, the Kaifyat Express, the Amritsar Express and the Mahabodhi Express.

Railways have already announced cancellation of 19 other trains till January 31.

The spokesperson said five trains including the Poorva Express to Howrah, Sampark Kranti Express to Bhubaneswar and the North East Express to Guwahati have been rescheduled today.

He said 24 trains including the Rajdhanis' from Rajendra Nagar (Patna) and Bhubaneswar were reported to be running several hours behind schedule.