K'taka govt to increase rate of fancy vehicle numbers

Bangalore: Vehicle owners in Karnataka who wish to own a fancy number will now have to shell out more with the state government deciding to increase the rate manifold.

The state government has decided to enhance the fee levied on vehicle owners who have a craze for fancy numbers, Minister for Transport R Ashok told reporters here.

The existing rate of Rs 3,000 for two wheelers would go up to Rs 6,000, for light motor vehicles including cars from Rs 6,000 to Rs 20,000 and for other vehicles to Rs 30,000 from Rs 9,000, he said.

The government's decision to increase the rates stemmed from a huge demand for fancy numbers, he said.

The Transport department will soon be releasing new series of registration numbers and the rates for fancy numbers would go up further, Ashok said.

For new series of fancy numbers, two wheeler owners would be charged Rs 25,000, LMVs Rs 25,000 to Rs 75,000 and similar sum for other vehicles, he said.

Last year, the government earned Rs 10 crore revenue from the sale of fancy vehicle numbers and this year it is expected to touch Rs 30 crore, he said.