Ukraine candidate warns of post-election street protests

Ukraine candidate warns of post-election street protests Kiev: Presidential candidate Yulia Tymoshenko ramped up tensions in Ukraine's cutthroat election campaign today, warning of mass street protests if her rival rigged this weekend's polls.

The comments by Tymoshenko, currently prime minister, raised the spectre of a repeat of the 2004 Orange Revolution demonstrations and injected new venom into her battle with opposition politician Viktor Yanukovich.

Both candidates have accused each other of plotting to steal the election in a bid to snatch the presidency of Ukraine, a strategic country of 46 million people that gained independence from the Soviet Union in 1991.

"If we are unable to guarantee the honest expression of the people's will and honest results, we will mobilise the people," Tymoshenko told reporters at a press conference in Kiev.

"If he wants falsifications, we are ready to give him such resistance that he has never seen before, not even in 2004," she added, referring to the Orange Revolution protests that thwarted Yanukovich's last presidential bid.