Hitler took 'primitive Viagra' to boost sex drive: Book

Hitler took `primitive Viagra` to boost sex drive: Book London: Nazi dictator Adolf Hitler took a primitive form of Viagra to boost his sex drive, according to a new book.

The study, based on long-dormant medical archives and formerly classified military documents, claimed the Fuhrer took 82 different sorts of medication, including the primitive "Viagra", which was a testosterone extract.

The book, 'Was Hitler Ill?', said Hitler believed the sex drug would provide him the necessary energy for his encounters with his much younger lover Eva Braun, The Daily Telegraph newspaper reported.

The account is based largely on papers from Theodor Morrell, Hitler's personal doctor who was nicknamed "Reich syringe master" by top Nazi leader Hermann Goering, the Luftwaffe chief.

It said in 1944, Morrell began administering the dictator injections of the testosterone and a cocktail made from the semen and prostate glands of young bulls into his bloodstream.

Morrell gave Hitler small doses of Pervitin, a form of Speed, glucose, intravenous injections of methamphetamine, barbiturates, opiates and assorted other potions, according to the report in the British daily.

Hitler, 56 when he died, believed a cocktail of young bulls' semen and prostate glands would give him energy for sex with 33-year-old Braun.

She died with Hitler in the Berlin bunker as his new bride. Hitler shot himself and Braun took cyanide in April 1945.According to the doctor’s account, the Fuhrer was so sickly and so fearful about his health that at one stage he was taking 28 assorted drugs and remedies each day.

"They attempted to find whether Hitler's frail physique was in some way responsible for the monstrosity of his decisions that led to the deaths of millions," authors Henrik Eberle and Hans-Joachim Neumann of Charite University Hospital in Berlin said.

They concluded Hitler, in the end, was suffering from Parkinson's disease, adding: "At no time did Hitler suffer from pathological delusions. He was always aware of his actions. He was fully responsible."

Other findings show that the Fuhrer had a mortal fear of cancer, suffered high blood pressure, cramps, headaches and had polyps removed from his vocal chords several times.