Congress demands Mutalik arrest

Bangalore: Congress on Friday demanded arrest of right wing Sri Rama Sene Chief Pramod Mutalik for threatening to disrupt Valentine's Day celebrations but distanced itself from the incident of blackening his face and attempted assault.

Accusing Mutalik of creating law and order problem, KPCC President R V Deshpande told reporters he should have been taken into preventive custody by now. "But Government has not done it. He should be arrested immediately."

A day after some youths, allegedly belonging to Youth Congress, blackened Mutalik's face and attempted to assault him when he was getting ready for a TV debate on Valentine's day, Deshpande said his partymen were not involved.

Deshpande said he, however, condemned such attacks.

He also defended the observance of Valentine's day and other events like Father's day, saying "everyone has the right to celebrate and none can interfere. Sri Rama Sene cannot dictate. The BJP government is hand in glove with the Sene".

On the state government's proposed legislation banning cow slaughter, he said there was no need for enacting a legislation to ban cow slaughter and government could implement the act already in force by the Centre.