Maha Kumbh: Union of sadhus with unique names, feats

Haridwar: From 'khada baba' to 'pilot baba' and even 'haath khada baba', the Maha Kumbh is a religious event that brings together a plethora of ash smeared sadhus known for their unique names and extraordinary feats.

One of the most unusual sadhu's at the 'Juna akhara' is one with his right hand held straight up even as he throws logs of wood into the fire using his left hand.

Called 'haath khada baba' (sadhu with his hands raised), the mendicant's nails have become long and inter-wined as he has been in this pose for 27 years now.

"This is his tapasya (meditation). He has not kept his hand down for the last 27 years," 'Amaranth baba', who sits next to him, said.

There is also the 'khada baba', who people say, has not sat for the last 30 years.