Dolphin population increases in Chilika Lake

Dolphin population increases in Chilika Lake Bhubaneswar: With a recent census finding 12 more Irrawaddy dolphins in Orissa's Chilika lake, the amphibians' population is on the rise in the lagoon, official sources said Thursday.

As many as 158 dolphins were found in the lake indicating a nine per cent increase in population in comparison to the 2008 census, they said.

Of the total 158 dolphins, 129 are adults and 29 others are juveniles, including neonates.

While 86 were counted in the outer channel, 72 others in the central and the southern sector of the lake.

To monitor the status and population dynamics of Irrawaddy dolphin in Chilika, annual population estimation is carried out during February by the Chilika Development Authority (CDA).