Dalits rally in Kendrapara alleging discrimination

Kendrapara: Alleging that they are being discriminated as second grade citizens by government agencies and upper-caste people, hundreds of dalits today rallied in front of Kendrapara district Collectorate here.

Alleging a reign of terror has been unleashed upon the dalits in certain areas of the district, Secretary, Republican Youth Front, Ashok Mallik said the offenders are influential and powerful upper caste people but the civil and police administration have done little.

Mallik further charged that Dalit women were subjected to sexual assault at Rankala village last month when a mob torched their dwellings and besides making some arrests in the case of arson, "police turned a blind eye to the sexual assault case."

However, the District Collector Sisirkanta Panda denied the charges and claimed proper action was initiated against the offenders as per law.