Centre to help states to improve condition of state archives

New Delhi: Lamenting that records post-1947 were not preserved well, a senior government official today said he felt like "weeping" at the dismal condition of state-level archives and the Centre was willing to help in this area.

"The National Archives is in a much better position but I admit that I feel like weeping seeing the condition of archives in states," Jawahar Sircar, Cultural Secretary, said here.

He said the Centre has decided to take a holistic view of archives and extend support to the states.

"Previously, there was a debate whether we can interfere in the working of the state archives. But now the ministry has decided that we must. We have to plan both technological and financial assistance for the satate archives," he remarked.

A committee will be formed to look into the matter, he said. Speaking on the Foundation Day of National Archives Of India, Sircar said that post-independence records, especially after 1960, did not receive focused attention.