Mumbai is story of 'Indianness', says Salman Rushdie

New Delhi: After Sachin Tendulkar and Mukesh Ambani faced Shiv Sena's ire for their "Mumbai for all" comments, controversial author Salman Rushdie today said the city was the story of "Indianness" and not the "narrow preserve" of any one language.

"Bombay was never the narrow preserve of any one language. It is the story of one Indianness. Everyone merged into it," he said while addressing the India Today conclave here.

Commenting on his controversial book 'The Satanic Verses', Rushdie claimed the ban on his book was wrong. He added that India was the first to ban the book, and alleged it stood with countries like Iran and Pakistan in suppressing the freedom of speech.

Stressing on the need to allow complete freedom of speech in India, Rushdie said, "let India not be a closed world, making it another China, another Iran, or another Pakistan.

Iran had issued a fatwa against him over the book.