Maha issues Ordinance to enhance jail term for terrorists

Nagpur: The State Government has promulgated an Ordinance to enhance the prison term of terrorists, Maharashtra Home Minister R R Patil said on Tuesday.

The State Government has proposed 20, 40 and 60 years of jail-term for terrorists involved in terror activities and since it is an administrative requirement, the government has come out with an Ordinance, Patil told reporters here.

In an informal chat, he said the Ordinance was issued yesterday. The maximum imprisonment is 14 years in any kind of crime and the accused person comes out of jail after availing the benefits due to good conduct and parole.

Technically speaking, the convict is out after serving prison for 11-12 years. The State government was of the opinion that these terrorists should not be let free or released early after committing crime against state.

In most foreign countries the jail term is somewhat upto 200 years and no one lives that age but sentence is to ensure the convict is never released till his death, Patil said.

On Minister of State Ramesh Bagwe's remarks that his security was down-graded since he belonged to backward community, Patil said he would certainly look into the grievances and what prompted him to say so.

Patil said there was real problem of VVIPs in Pune since most of the VVIPs from Ahmednagar to Kolhapur to Solapur passe via Pune and sometimes there is a crunch of police vehicles.