Somalis protest against al Qaeda-linked militants

Somalis protest against al Qaeda-linked militants Mogadishu: Hundreds of women and children are protesting in the streets of Somalia's capital against militants linked to al Qaeda.

The protesters marched on Monday to protest that al-Shabab militants have been digging up of graves of clerics over the last week.

The protesters chanted "Down with al-Shabab" and carried banners, one of which read ‘Support Peace and Government’.

Mohyadin Hassan Afrah, who heads Mogadishu's civil society umbrella group, says people are protesting against al-Shabab's actions and the influx foreign fighters to the country.

Fighters from such countries as Pakistan, Yemen and North Africa have travelled to Somalia to join the al Qaeda aligned group that seeks to overthrow the country's weak, UN-backed government.

Bureau Report